TemperatureControl systems

  • Mobile hot water boilers:
    Up to 250 kW for electrically powered units
    From 350 kW up to 5000 kW for gas or oil fueled boilers
  • Mobile steam boilers:
    Up to 6 t/h of steam per unit
    Set of boilers for up to 50 t/h of steam
  • Cooling equipment for industrial application
    From 6 kW up to 2000 kW
    Cooling towers
    Chillers. Refrigeration units
    Plate heat exchangers

We offer comprehensive solutions for temperature control of liquids such as water, oil, fuels, sewage, sludge and other chemicals.

We provide mobile temperature control systems, including hot water boilers, steam generators, chillers, fan cooling towers, heat exchangers, pipelines and process pumps with manual or automatic operational mode control systems.

Our smart liquid cooling and thermoregulation systems for industrial processes cover wide range of equipment. Mobile hot water boilers designed according to the latest heating technology standards, guarantee quiet and efficient operation with remote control function. We assure safe transport with unloading and complementary equipment such as fuel tanks, water feed tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, pipelines, valves and measuring devices.

Our energy-saving and operational cost effective systems are adequate for industrial and municipal applications, as well as for temporary heating of facilities during finishing works, which allows to maintain work continuity at the right temperature level.

When you deal with liquids, you need a reliable partner with experience, expertise and appropriate resources to provide comprehensive support for your challenging job. Backed by top quality equipment, following health and safety at work regulations, caring for natural environment.