Pump systemsRental

  • Electric and diesel engine driven pumps for
    various types of liquids such as: water, sewage,
    sludge, chemicals, fuels
  • High pressure pumps
  • Flexible and steel pipelines
  • Accessories (valves, crossovers, road ramps, bridges and many more)
  • Measuring systems
  • Dosing pumps
  • Pump units for fire protection installations
  • Complex liquid transfer installations

Electric and diesel driven pumps, pump sets with pneumatic or hydraulic drive are designed for pumping various types of liquids, including water, sewage, chemicals, sludge, oil and fuels. Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps are all adapted to work in an automatic mode. An extensive fleet of optional devices and accessories allows a thorough selection of technical solutions for each project and ensures safe and uninterrupted operation of temporary installations. We provide high pressure plunger pumps up to 2800 bar, multistage centrifugal pumps up to 40 bar and centrifugal pumps with capacity up to 10.000 m3/h, all supplied with necessary accompanying fittings and multiple optional configurations.

Our fleet includes quick and easy to assemble flexible pipelines with diameters ranging from DN25 to DN300, as well as steel pipelines, fittings, crossovers for flange and Victaulic type of coupling connection, ranging from DN50 to DN1200. We provide all necessary accompanying fittings such as valves, manifolds, reducers and crossovers, as well as electric drives controlled by frequency converters or automation elements enabling remote supervision over installations operation.

Our measuring systems using electromagnetic, ultrasonic or mass flowmeters allow measurements of almost all types of liquids. A non-invasive portable ultrasonic flowmeters allow measurements of liquid flow without pipe interference. Electronic pressure and temperature transducers coupled with data log units recorders allow to archive operational technical parameters of the system. All our measuring systems are equipped with calibration certificates, portable devices for measuring pH, redox potential and humidity.

Dosing pumps are suitable for precise continuous or periodic dosing of chemical substances, as well as for preparation of mixtures with a strictly defined chemical composition. Peristaltic, diaphragm or positive displacement screw pumps are commonly used for pumping chemicals in various production processes.

Temporary pump sets for fire-fighting installations are equipped with control systems for automatic operation and maintaining installation pressure and accessories for foaming agent dosing. All our temporary fire system equipment meet NFPA/FM standards.