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Filtry wody

Our company offers highly efficient water filters – up to 900 m3/h, used for polluted water containing solids.


  • filter chamber with a diameter of 91 cm
  • the appliance is equipped with a manometer and a drainage valve
  • the system may work independently as a sediment filter or in connection with other water filter appliances
  • size: 180 cm long x 150 cm wide x 190 cm high
  • weight of an empty filter: 1,080 kg
  • maximal operating pressure 10 bar at 67°C
  • recommended operating pressure: 5 bar
  • DN 300 flanged connectors

Available accessories:

  • selfpriming pumps or prime assist pumps
  • flow spitters
  • exchangeable bag filters
  • pipelines with HDPE, steel or with aluminium
  • lay flat discharge hoses


Filtry wody

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