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TECH-POMP SERWIS offers wide range of services for mining industry. We specialize in transfer of large water amounts for hydraulic fracturing, supplying pressure transfer systems for liquid, designed to fulfill individual needs of each and every project, basing on a vast fleet of pumps with diesel, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives, flow dividers, hose reels, quick couplings, pipes and hoses. Apart from water/liquid transfer and pump systems rental, we are able to provide cushion tanks for water storage, together with collection, transport and utilization of the flowback.

For mining industry, reliability of equipment and high quality of services are key issues. TECH-POMP SERWIS meets perfectly both requirements, providing directly onsite highest quality equipment and offering with most professional team the highest level of service. Whether the project involves clean water transfer or transfer of liquid with large solids, whether there is a need for high pressure or high flow, as far as professional execution of mining industry projects is concerned, TECH-POMP SERWIS is the answer.

TECH-POMP SERWIS offers comprehensive solutions for ​​water transfer in tanks filling process, fracturing or flowback removal. We offer wide range of flow dividers to precise filling of tanks during the fracturing process and the cushion tanks for water storage. The pipes and hoses we use are equipped with special quick couplings. All the equipment is leakage tested before execution of each project.

We are aware of the risks related to environmental pollution and therefore we use all possible means to eliminate every hazard. There is one area where we do not make any compromises, and this is health and safety at work, together with environmental protection. Thanks to an  integrated SHE  system, we are constantly monitoring our team members and coworkers safety, together with permanent control over all processes and onsite operations.


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