Tech-Pomp Serwis

We operate in the whole area of Poland and in Europe!


Próby szczelności ciśnieniowe

TECH-POMP SERWIS specializes in leak testing of large capacity tanks and pipelines using professional high quality equipment. Our high-pressure pump sets with high pressure valves, flow meters and pressure and temperature converters are highly reliable tools to perform even the most demanding tests. Our specialized equipment allows constant system’s monitoring  together with immediate registration and analysis.

All our tests are carried out under supervision of Technical Inspection Office, using only certificated measuring and registration devices.

That is why our clients put their trust in our services.

We specialize in:

  • Hydrostatic and high pressure  leak tests of large capacity tanks and pipelines
  • Complete service with  professional supervision
  • Temporary liquid transfer systems for filling up tanks
  • Only professional, certificated measuring and registration devices
  • Specialized high-pressure pumps
  • Costumer oriented service
  • Successful execution of many projects with actual references

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