Tech-Pomp Serwis

We operate in the whole area of Poland and in Europe!



TECH-POMP SERWIS is involved in complex realization of services of temporary transfer of sewage or sludge. A BY-PASS type installation is used when a present sewage system needs shutting down for maintenance or modernization reasons. With BY-PASS installation it is replaced with a temporary sewage transfer system. Our solutions are based on fully reliable, highest quality equipment. For each inquiry, we prepare individual project in 3D with detailed list of appropriate equipment.

Our BY-PASS systems are based on specialized pumping systems, designed to pump raw sewage without no system constraints regarding the flow. We offer a complete temporary pumping stations with full automation and remote process control. There are collision-free communication lines constructed by ussing passing ramps or pipe bridges. Our systems are based on process automation, which allows to minimize operation costs.