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A flexible lay flat discharge hose is suitable for all uses connected with temporary transfer of drinking and processing water. It results in considerable savings in comparison with technologies using rigid pipelines.

Fast assembly and disassembly

A possibility to unfold hoses with 1” – 12” diameters in 200 mb sections by means of hydraulic mechanical hose reelers. SUPER AQUADUCT hoses are highly flexible and durable and thanks to that they fit all kinds of terrains without expensive preparatory works. Less fittings and push-in fitting system equal lower labour costs. Fast mobilization and preparation of the system for work is invaluable in emergency situations.

Easy to store and transport

Hoses are light and compact in comparison with rigid pipes. It is possible to install hose reelers on pick-up cars and as a result it is not necessary to engage trucks or forklifts to get access to narrow roads with limited access for heavy cars.

Durability and life

Hoses are designed in such a way that their life is long and durability in the most difficult working conditions incomparable. The hoses are hard and durable and thus, resistant to wear and cuttings. They may be used in all kinds of terrains. The hoses do not corrode and are resistant to heat, hydrocarbons, chemical substances, UV radiation, ozone, going flat, hydrolysis and microbiological attacks. There is no danger of drinking water contamination.

­‐ Low operating costs

Low hydraulic loss enables effective pumping. When pressure rises a hose enlarges its diameter up to 10% of its nominal diameter and thus, transfer of higher volume of water is possible. — Emergency usage, water supply, by-passes, water transfer for technological purposes, wastewater transfer, pipeline rinsing, construction industry and drainage, wastewater treatment units, fighting the flood outcomes, ship loading and unloading, beer and wine transfer, drilling fluid transfer, supplying drinking water to armies.




A special feature of SUPER AQUADUCT hoses is a unique circular weave that includes highly durable polyester fully contained within anelastomer polyurethane hard cover, which constitutes liner. They are produced according to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Raw materials, components and ready products undergo strict tests and inspections in order to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Our company offers a wide range of various connectors and push-in fittings, flow spitters, accompanying fittings, suction hoses and industrial hose reelers.

Certificates, approvals and attestations: USA National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 61, UK Water Byelaws Scheme (WBS) BS 6920 for cold and hot (up to 50°C) water. UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Regulation 25, German Federal Health Office (BGA) with KTW recommendation, Germany DVGW Worksheet W270. USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CRF 177.2600.

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