Tech-Pomp Serwis

We operate in the whole area of Poland and in Europe!



Our company offers both renting and selling various accessories helpful in pumping processes. All the elements and appliances are tested during a wet run before they are released from the warehouse and include push-in fittings to improve the installation process.

Accessories Size
Rubber or PVC suction hoses DN 50-300
Lay flat discharge hoses DN 50-250
HDPE and steel pipes DN 50-800
Check valves DN 50-300
Restrictors DN 50-300
Suction strainer and suction hose floats 150 l displacement
Elbows, three-way pipes DN 50-800
Reductions DN 100/ 150
DN 150/ 200
DN 200/ 250
DN 250/ 300
Flowmeters for all diameters
Flow spitters DN250 / 6 x DN150 and others

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