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Steam boiler specification



Type Flame Pipe Three Passes
Burner Two-stage
Maximal output 4.5 Million BTU/Hr. or 1.13 Million
or 1,319 kW/h
Operating pressure 5-7 Bar
Maximum pressure 9 Bar
Fuel consumption 21.50 Gallon/h or 140 l/h at Maximum Load
Required power supply 380/440 V, three-phase, 50/60 Hz
Required power 7.5 kW
Filling with demineralized water 4000 do 5000 l
Container type 20-foot; boiler installed on a frame inside the container
Size 6.00 x 2.45 x 2.60 m
Weight 12,500 kg
Fuel type Diesel, DIN 51603
Outlet 2” Weco Fig 200 Male
Safeguard Low level of electrode liquid
Low liquid level breaker – float
Flame sensor and Maximum switch-off
Pressure switch
Safety valve – 10 bar
Additional safeguard Pneumatic safety switch-off
UDT (The Office of Technical Inspection) Certificate DNV Safe Area Open Deck
Lift EN12079 / DNV 2.7-1
The unit is equipped with two priming pumps that are automatic.
Matching hoses
Number and length 10 x DN50 x L = 10 metres
Maximal operating pressure 10 Bar
Push-in fittings 2” Weco fig.200

Technical specification of heat exchangers

Filtry wody


Producer Cetetherm, Gea Ecoflex, Tranter
Capacity 2500-4000 kW
Maximal pressure 10 Bar
Maximal temperature 130 °C
Gasket material Butyl, HNBR, EPDM
Plate material SS 316, Titan
Plate thickness 0.50 mm
INLET/OUTLET Weco 4” Fig 206
Reductions and converters are available on request
Lift On a self-supporting frame or in a container
Our company offers heating of various media including water, oil, gel, acid and others.

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