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Our company managesequipment that includes over 800 various pumps and over 15,000 accessories enabling realization of the most difficult tasks associated with temporary systems dealing with storage, transfer, heating and filtration of various kinds of fluids. All our pumps are available with electric engines equipped with VFDs or engine driven. Some of the models are pneumatic or hydraulic. Our pumps realize the most difficult tasks connected with fluid transfer all around the world. We have considerable experience and a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians thanks to whom our projects are successful and timely. Our safety and quality policies result in reliability and total functionality of the offered equipment. Thanks to well-developed distribution network our company has access to all spare parts. Our teams are equipped in all necessary tools to provide services associated with transport, assembly, and supervision over use and disassembly of the offered equipment.


Prime assist pumps are designed and produced in order to operate in the most difficult conditions. They may be used in all the places, where a transfer of large quantities of water over considerable distances is required. Thanks to prime assist system and a possibility for dry runs without time limits, our pump units built on the basis of American prime assist pumps are irreplaceable in industry, where reliability and continuous work are of the essence. The pumps that our company offers may be used for pumping fluids containing solids with a diameter up to 150 mm. All our prime assist pumps do not require filling a pump’s body and a suction hose with fluid and start the pumping process with a dry run and the suction at the level of up to 9 meters of water column. Air evacuation is done by means of a fluid resistant diaphragm pump with flow rate equalling 24 l of air per second. Flow rate of the biggest pump of this type amounts to 8,580 m3/h with pump head up to 240 meters of water column. TECH-POMP SERWIS offers prime assist pumps that are engine driven and in an open version or with soundproof cases, for rental or within the scope of complex service realization. A series of prime assist pumps starts with a model with a DN50 diameter connector and ends with pumps with DN750 suction and discharge connectors. Both electric and hydraulic versions are available.

Selfpriming pumps are easy to install and use; they are installed over the free surface of fluid of the pumped medium. They are capable of selfpriming fluids from the depth of 7.5 meters water column with an empty suction pipe. American selfpriming pumps, which we offer, have a free flow of spherical solids through a rotor with a diameter up to 76 mm. These pumps are characterized by a high durability and reliability and thus, they perform perfectly in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to modern technical solutions the selfpriming pumps are successfully used all over the world and pump washer, water, chemicals, acids, wastewater, sediments among other things as well as work when drainage is needed. Our company guarantees availability of all pump models as well as provide service and maintenance during fieldwork.

Submersible pumps are the most classic and widely used pumps in all industry branches. They constitute an important part of our fleet and they are available with 60-10,000 m3/h capacity ranges and electric engines equipped with control panels and VDFs. Moreover, our company provides complete accompanying fittings, e.g. pipelines, hoses, elbows, three-way pipes, connectors and ramps.

Our services are provided 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.