Sludge removal from anaerobic digesters, primary sludge sedimentation tanks, bioreactors and activated sludge tanks.

We have in our rental fleet pumps and accessories for sludge, pulp and viscous liquid handling applications. Recently one of local Waste Water Treatment Plants used our rotary lobe pump for digester sludge removal application which performed 80 m3/h @ 4 bar.

Last year our strategic supplier, company Gorman Rupp introduced new positive displacement piston pump SLUDGEKAT to tackle toughest  pumping requirements. This hydraulic driven reliable pump unit is designed to handle heaviest sludge, slurries and other viscous materials. It can handle solids up to 50 mm in diameter and can perform 50 3/h @ 11 bar. This pump unit offers reliable pumping service where other pumps fail. Anti clog ball valve design feature is ideal for rags, rocks, bags, and bolts present a problem. Please give us a call for all your heavy duty application needs. We offer sales and rental in Poland and neighboring countries 24/365.