Leak detection by tracer-gas leak testing

  • Diagnostics of pipelines, tanks, fittings and cother installations in order to detect and locate leaks.
  • Used for inspections of vacuum systems, pressure devices, heat exchangers, cooling and heating systems elements, hydrogen installations, generators and semiconductors.
  • Used in R&D departments, research labs and in all industries.

Our service of tracer-gas leak testing is widely used wherever the tightness of installation is of key importance. Detection and localization of leaks with tracer-gas is one of the most accurate, and at the same time, the fastest method of leak detection. It provides leaks quantitative analysis and  it is applicable in all industries. Thanks to the new generation of leak detectors our tests are carried out with th highest sensitivity and maximum reliability. Top class equipment allows us to reach top performance and output in specialized applications and within demanding processes. The tracer-gas leak testing allows to detect leaks from 1×10-6 [mbar * l / s] with the pressure method and from  1×10-11 [mbar * l / s] with the vacuum method.

By introducing the tracer-gas directly into the tested systems or, with previously created vacuum, into the space around it, the amount of tracer-gas which penetrates the leaks is being controlled. To perform such testing method mobile mass spectrometers are indispensible. Owing to this highly effective leak detection method our customers are empowered to control the quality of production, prevent breakdowns and unwanted downtimes and are enabled to improve significantly the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes.